The Showtime Warrior Sports Spectacular Event coming to The Casino Del Sol February 23-25th

The Showtime Warrior Sports Spectacular Event, being held at The Casino Del Sol, February 23-25th in Tucson Arizona, wants to create a Fun-filled Industry event. The show will feature 250 vendor tables filled with cards, memorabilia, Pokemon, sneakers, collectables and more.  You will meet dealers from all over the country with unique sports cards and items. However, the show is geared for everyone whether you are just getting started or a seasoned collector.
George Mares of Showtime Sportscards and Anthony "The Warrior D'Vine" Dovine of D'Vine Warrior Brands will utilize our extensive Sports knowledge and create events around our show to give the vendors an exciting weekend in Tucson.
We will take the positives from other events across the country and add events and experiences to continue to add to our wonderful industry.
As shop owners, industry events attendees and extensive traveling across the country, we will cater our event with the vendors and collector's being a top priority.
We look forward to our Sports Spectacular adding to the experience of collectors of all ages.